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Rodger Blaker & Associates

Leadership and Life

Rodger Blaker and Associates will provide you with a qualified and certified professional leadership and executive business coach in Dallas / Fort Worth. We understand what it takes to get your life where you want it by listening and encouraging you in your process. Within our leadership coaching relationship I will be able to discover issues that were not been obvious in the beginning. We will work on these together during our coaching sessions. We encourage honest, open, and forward communication with everyone in the workplace to develop respect among all. These small steps are imperative to successful office relationships and personal relationships. As your life coach I will help you find harmony by delving deep inside the areas of your personal relationships, your health and well-being, personal-growth and personal finances.

Business and Professional

As your certified leaderships and executive business coach in Dallas/ Fort Worth we will be there to guide you in your work life to help you increase profits and enhance your skills. Rodger Blaker and Associates are skilled and qualified business and professional coaches. We excel in helping you improve productivity and enhance communication skills to build better professional relationships. We will work together to determine who you are marketing to, what field/industry you are in so we can concentrate our energy in that area, and what position you hold currently and where you want to be. If you are ready for a breakthrough and need the best possible professional support from an executive business coach in DFW, allow us at Rodger Blaker and Associates to help transition your goals into reality.

TTI TriMetrix HD

TTI TriMetrix

The TTI TriMetrix assessment is designed to improve your business. This test will improve the quality of your workplace due to the accurate and precise results it delivers. The TriMetrix will uncover problems and potential to help you better understand the actions that need to be taken. The assessment will reveal the best match for a job position and the talent that the employee holds and how they fit in with that job. The test will also identify new ways to achieve sales opportunities by leading your sales team into real-life scenarios that will reveal the potential the individual has. The TTI TriMetrix solution will be able to assess the innermost important areas of your business to improve your professional life.



When you are able to better understand your professional vision for yourself, then you will be able to make smarter and more correct decisions in your journey. Since your professional and personal life are directly in line with one another, you need to make a conscious effort to make both satisfactory and progressive. You’ll learn how to achieve goals of personal fulfillment so that you will be able to focus on professional achievements. Your income will increase by determining the best route to financial gain. As your leadership coach in Dallas/ Fort Worth I will be guiding you in your process to achieve personal and professional gain.


What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

We will meet regularly to discuss personal and professional goals you have for yourself and your business. As a result you will find more balance, control, joy, energy, financial abundance and focus in your life. As your coach we will encourage you to reach your goals as well as asking a lot out of you. As your leadership and business coach in Dallas/ Fort Worth we will lead you in a way that will help you better understand yourself so that you will be able to reach those goals more productively. We are here to train you and to help determine how to gain momentum to further your life goals.